Trip 1…Sunset

I bet you have been wondering where the sunset photos were from ‘Trip 1?’…
I thought that I would share them all on their own.
Sunset is truly my favourite time of day! There is something about watching the sun go down that leaves a feeling of peace, and contentment, that whatever happened that day, gratitude is all that remains. I suppose that Mother Nature, I would call my favourite natural artist. Each sunset is never the same, and always carries with it an unlimited supply of colour, contrast, and shades, for the few minutes watching them change the sky. These are all the same sunset, on April 30, 2015.

Therefore, this is not the last of the sunset photos kids… Just the beginning…

_MG_5444-copyWEB _MG_5521-copyWEB_MG_5474-copyWEB

_MG_5483-copyWEB _MG_5494-copyWEB


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