A Very Cherry Blossom Evening…

Recently, I struck off going to High Park in Toronto.
I’ve always wanted to see this park, and a friend of mine told me about the Spring Cherry Blossoms. So I decided to go down to check them out. May 8th, was posted to be the peak day for the blossoms. When I arrived at High park TTC Station, I made my way down to the park and noticed that everyone and their sister were aware of the ‘Peak’ time for viewing.
I put on my iPod and began wandering, ducking, and weaving my way around the trees and people.
A few hours in I had to pee…. I made my way down to a Port-a-John, and proceeded to go in, ended up squishing my finger in the door mechanism before getting inside to do my pee thing. If your as accident prewn as I am, it’s always and adventure going anywhere…
Fours hours went by all together and I came back with a sore finger, and hundreds of pictures, but my adventure to Toronto’s High Park in the end a fun way to spend an evening… wandering…

_MG_5565-copy_WEB _MG_5613_WEB _MG_5682_WEB _MG_5635_WEB _MG_5589_WEB _MG_5646_WEB _MG_5592_WEB _MG_5596_WEB _MG_5629_WEB_MG_5856_WEB _MG_5840_WEB _MG_5766_WEB _MG_5773_WEB _MG_5775_WEB _MG_5847_WEB _MG_5845_WEB _MG_5585_WEB


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