About …

EMm, was born an artist. Throughout her life, EMm has always had a passion for the arts and all it’s mediums. Taking visual arts all throughout school, a dabble with photography in high school, and maintaining a steady collection of acrylic paintings. She isn’t far from making art. After high school, EMm embarked on a new journey, taking Theatre: Technical Production, at Fanshawe College. There, she learned many technical skills for theatre applications, but soon realized that she needed to create. EMm now applies her theatre skills to other creative elements, and still uses some of the same lighting practices for setting up a photo session.

EMm also has a strong passion for music. Using her camera, EMm can capture that moment in time where melody meets lyric, and exists as memory. Musicians have a tiny window to imprint you with their gift of a song, given as thoughts, emotions, and experiences. EMm would like to seize that opportunity, and photograph that moment when it all connects.
Travel is another important part of EMm’s life, and she is in many different places, to photo document the adventures. EMm wants to wander near and far, photographing all the visual memories along the way.

EMm is a graduate of the Digital Photography program at Durham College, and with what she learned, she can continue to nurture her creative side.
Surrounded with many different mediums, and usually covered in paint, EMm has discovered, that with her ‘Beastie’, which she affectionately calls her camera, she can capture visual paintings, with a little less mess…


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