Texas King & Big Wreck At The Danforth Music Hall 2019

The Danforth Music Hall merged Texas King’s lead singer dance moves, and Big Wreck’s epic guitar solos, to keep us warm this winters night.  

Texas King:  From London, Ontario, with the stage set, out came a group of gents that projected high energy Rock. Bouncing around all the corners, soft yet dynamic lyrics, and enticing melodies, just like their song Boomerang.  Texas King will bring the joy, the kicking left leg, and an all around feel good time vibe.

Big Wreck:  Still standing strong, even after losing guitarist Brian Doherty this year.  Showing that these gents are seasoned musicians, how they can captivate yet command, and leaving you wanting a lot more.  Lost in guitar solo heaven, and remembering ‘That Song’, after song, and hanging on every rock yell. 

With a night to remember, with the ebb and flow of infectious fun, meeting nothing short of mighty melodic guitar medleys. 


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