Hillside Festival: Xavier Rudd

The headliner to close out our Hillside Festival experience was Australian native Xavier Rudd. His Victoria, Australian roots, and like many, the surfing culture, flowed into his music background. Finding the spirit of music in learning circular breathing technique, required to play the didgeridoo (yidakis) by practicing on a vacuum cleaner hose. Xavier also learnt the guitar, clarinet, and saxophone. While never setting on one instrument, he found a way to incorporate them all into his music. All these skills were established while busking and traveling. While traveling Rudd developed a love for Canada were his first album “To Let” Followed his 2001 journey. He also gained momentum Traveling with Jack Johnson. Xavier is among the environmentally concerned musicians dedicated to reducing the impact of his performances and tours. Something that Hillside has very strong roots in themselves. A perfect fit…

Xavier brought a sort of music meditation to the main stage of Hillside. He came out of the haze that gathered onstage and began a chant and then eventually grabbing his electric guitar. Then sitting in front of his lap steel guitar, he then was joined by a DJ and they looped and mixed his songs together. Rudd playing the didgeridoo and adding that while strumming his guitar. Later on he sat and played some softer melodies with his lap steel guitar and had us captivated.
All in all a great vibe to end our Happy Hillside Weekend…


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