Saturday Night @ The Corral

After attending the CNE ( Canadian National Exhibition) this year (2017), while walking past the Northern Comfort Saloon stage, I herd a strong Country Rock sound push through the crowded alleyways of the CNE grounds. I stoped just outside the fencing and listened to the rest of the song that caught by ears. Although I don’t remember that song, it caused me to venture inside and sit a table in front of centre stage. That’s where I herd Marshall Dane‘s voice stand out, and I’m glad I stayed a while to absorb the Country Rock vibes. Combining ‘Love and Alcohol’, positive thinking, and the tour life in his songs, he had a Bon Jovi tone to his voice, with some country undertones. Marshall also did a great cover of ‘Footloose’ which added to his connection to his small but mighty audience. ‘Alcohol Abuse’ was another stand out song, with a fun play on words, and a danceable beat.
I was on my way home at this stage in the evening, but new that Marshall Dane’s music was going to stick in my mind.

Just over a week ago I found myself in Oshawa, Ontario, in a small south side bar called The Corral. Known for Friday night Line Dancing, and pure country vibe, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Well, to my surprise everyone was there for the music, good times, and music connection. My kind of place! The Corral folk filled the dance floor, practised there line dancing, and couples of all ages danced the night away.
Once again I was happy to be around Marshall’s strong Rock voice, and get injected with the positive congration of music and people striving for a positive force.

Marshall Dane is a must see, no matter what style of music you like…
Right on Right on…


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