Hillside Festival 2017: Maythen Melodies

Hillside Festival had a strong protest theme this year, and many artists had a lot to say.  Irish Mythen  an Irish born singer/songwriter who moved to permanently to Charlottetown, PEI, Canada in 2009, touched on religion, equalities, ethics, and gender equality. Relating to the Happy Hillsiders on many levels. Maythen, telling the most unique stories, there was one that stood out in particular. A story about sifting through the news paper, and coming across a buy and sell ad for the removal of an old piano. The young girl said ‘I’m getting rid of it, or I’m going to throw it down the stairs and use it for firewood. It doesn’t fit the decor.’
In this song, she compared this too the homeless,  and they way we treat people, with seemingly unmanageable issues. We always seem to cast ‘things’ aside and not help our fellow brothers and sisters out. The metaphor of just throwing them out….

‘The Piano’ 




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