Hillside Festival 2017: The Barr Brothers

Another highlight of Hillside Festival were The Barr Brothers. Originally, an improv-based rock trio called The Slip. Becoming The Barr Brothers was result of a 2004 small Montreal show. A rainstorm and a fire that started inside the venue. They took to the street continued the concert, and gave a jacket to a waitress that is now one of their managers. Brad Barr’s first apartment, shared a wall with their now harpist, Sarah Page. The harp melodies floating through the walls, found their way into Brads songwriting. A friendship grew and the Bothers began recording and touring. Not long after, this new trio gained Andres Vial. He added Keys, Bass, Percussion and Singing.

At Hillside The Barr Brothers captured a Blues, Singer Songwriter, Alternative, and an almost Celtic vibe to the Main Stage. The melodic sound took us away to a movie soundtrack, emphasizing the tones and sounds. Playing with soul and edge, I was reminded a little of Tom Petty as they played.  They played an array of different instruments adding to the hypnotic quality of their sound. Through the heart and soul, I moved around the band capturing there emotions and melodies…






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