Hillside Festival 2017: Boogat

Canadian Mexican Musician Boogat added a Latin Hip-Hop vibe to Hillside. Winning both the ‘Felix Award’, for ‘World Music Album of the Year’ 2016, and a Juno, it’s clear to see and hear how his Paraguayan and Mexican music roots fuse together, to create the Boogat sound. Born in Quebec City, originally singing in French, then moving to Montreal  in 2001, he then switched to Spanish after collaborating with Latin artists.

I caught him on two different stages over the weekend. Each time Boogat showed how he can rhyme with any beat, and still have us breaking out our salsa moves in the audience. With very danceable melodies, mixed with Spanish Hip-Hop lyrics, Boogat will get you moving and rhyming in time…


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