Hillside Festival 2017

A few weeks ago, I was at another #happyhillside at Hillside Festival in Guelph, Ontario. This memory making place never seems to disappoint. Always something to do, to see, and to hear. With a protest theme this year, the likes of Billy Bragg a well known protest songwriter, we were given moments to think of all the rather unpleasant situations happing in the world at the moment, but reminded of the power of what we can do about it, and most importantly the power of music. Our voice.

I’m always blown away over the commitment to the 1000 of volunteers ensuring us a clean and safe weekend on the island. Helping with everything! Including the most impressive, the Trash Turnaround element. A collection of bins to keep the wastes organized. Compostables in one, plates and dishes in another, and recyclable in the next. Not only does everyone take part in this initiative, some of the volunteers job is to sort it out if some cross contamination occurs.
The other is the Dish washing station. The amazing volunteers again, will sort and wash the dishes, which are used mostly by the food venders, when you purchase food; and there is even a laundry tub set up so you can wash your own. How awesome! I don’t know about you, but some of the other festivals that I’ve gone to over the years leaves me  kind of speechless, as to the amount of garbage left behind. When we are all happily worn out from the party atmosphere, and you’re walking across the field back to your car, you see the layer of waste left on the ground.  😦
Theses are amazing initiatives Hillside, keep up the great work!

Not many photos of the grounds of hillside this year, but managed to snap a few of the very creative hanging decorations…


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