Asia Beauty…

A couple of weeks ago I was on assignment with the photography club, at the St. Francis Centre. St. Francis was formerly a church, built in the 1800’s, restored recently and made into a multi-use community arts, cultural and performance venue. The stand out features are the octagonal church spire, Gothic arched stained glass windows, and original ironworks. The stage is back lit by these stained glass windows and gave off a lovely glow behind Ron Korb and his stage mates. Ron Korb is an award winning Canadian  flutist/composer, including Grammy Nominations, and other prestigious music awards. Korb has traveled the world gaining numerous styles and many flute types along his journeys.

On May 20, 2017 Ron and some musicians from around the world, shared with us, ‘Asia Beauty,’ Korb’s newest release. Almost like a movie soundtrack, we were taken through many different cities and cultural influences. Stemmed from his 13 years of Asian travels. Inspiring Celtic, Asian, Jazz, Latin, and Classical tones, Ron and these artists took us on a music adventure…


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  1. These are beautiful images of the artists and their instruments, wonderful work Emily.

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