Silence Sounds: Daniel Champagne

A few weeks ago a very dear friend was in town on a cross Canada tour. They grow some very kind, and musically talented souls in Brogo, NSW, Australia. Daniel Champagne, known for his unique Finger Style Percussive guitar playing, first stop was at Silence Sounds,  in Guelph, Ontario. This tucked away creative space in Guelph, houses a small, but distinct section of floor space, to grant an audience an intimate show experience. With a mini bar/kitchen area, and a stand out cassette tape wall feature just inside the door, this quickly becomes a house concert kind of energy. Behind the player, is some rather neat glass wall sculptures, that gives an art gallery feel to the concert area.

One of my challenges as a Music Photographer, is photographing someone that you know. You sometimes forget that your there to take photos, and catch yourself engaged in the show. I was able to get some great shots of Daniel playing, all while enjoying the performance.

There are a few places in this world that come close to feeling like home. Anyone who’s know me well, knows that live music, with Daniel’s show as no exception, is definitely one of them….



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