Port United Band…

Just before Christmas 2016, I was asked to photograph an East Scarborough band, named Port United Band. Merging Pop, Rock, and Reggae, Port United can play for any crowd, of any age. Including old favourites, new top 40 and a few medley/mashups, that are sure to get you singing along; and dancing the night away.

A very packed Olde Stone Cottage Pub, with Christmas celebrations in every corner, Port United amped up the Pub vibe, and populated the dance floor. Into the wee hours of a Saturday night, with a few tipsy patrons, we rang in some pre Christmas Cheer. Playing just beyond last call, you would have never known that the Quintuplet band, had been up till the wee hours the night before in Birthday celebration.

Upon arriving, Port United were into their first set, and had everyone in good spirits. I started to photograph the tightly packed stage and began to cover them from all sides. With a few tweaks of their stage lighting, I managed to direct the lights, on stage right, to a more photo friendly angle. I stayed to capture the true Port United vibe and the ambience of the Olde Stone Cottage Pub atmosphere…



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