The Rehearsal Project- Stereoclypse


Stereoclypse  invited me into to the rarely seen world of the rehearsal side of band culture. They let me be a fly on the wall, to photograph and video them while they rehearsed in a West Toronto Studio. Capturing the lobby, shared lounge area, and the rented room, I pieced together the story of their rehearsal space. With lyric notes, guitar’s, cases, drum kit, amps, speakers, mics, cables, peddles, drinks of choice, and brightly coloured bassist socks; I showed the arc of rehearsal.

In-between smoke brakes, and song jams, I tried to portray the practice performance space. While they played, I moved around the sound baffeled rectangle, capturing the highs and lows of the triadic circle.Not only photographing the playing, but also the in-between moments of the evening. Only one member (Samm- Guitarist/Vocals) was missing from the run threw, but was deffenatly there in spirit…

For this, I flexed my video editing skills, and created a bit of a fusion of photos and video, to merge the two mediums together into a video story.

Video Link




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