BuskerFest 2016: D.J.’s & Beat Boxing

In between the live music acts, Roamers, and waiting for other musical acts to start, I wandered towards the main stage to catch some spinning and beats. Scott Jackson , who won  a beat boxing battle in Montreal in 2010, has won every battle since then. Earning him the title of BeatBox Champion, It’s just not the same without Jackson’s beats filling the streets of Toronto at BuskerFest. Always including the crowd, for a unique collective beatbox, he encourages the watching crowd to count in his participants, and himself in the beat.

This year Scott had a few D.J.’s  from the Hip Hop world join him. DJ Vekked, a Battle Royal Champion and Juno nominee, Fresh Kils, and extreme breakdancer Switch B, brought a new element to Jackson’s show. Challenging SEGA and Bruce Lee, these D.J.’s  showed off there spinning skills, and Switch B, Breaking down the beats.



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