Riverfest 2016: Walk Off The Earth…

Friday night at Riverfest Elora  the Headliner was ‘Walk Off The Earth’. From Burlington, Ontario, this high energy band had us singing and dancing at the main stage. They are excellent live, and hope to catch a full concert soon!
Positioning myself slightly stage left, and a couple of rows back, I moved around the crowd and sometime let them cover some of photos for some interest. Dodging audience and beach balls ( Yes… it’s become a …thing… to fire beach balls around the crowd while at a festival concert), I captured some unique angels and expressions. It also pays off to have good lighting design as well.
Something that happened that was really cool to see is when they played one of their last songs, they invited some crew to sing with them too ! Can’t forget the crew working hard backstage !!!
Anticipation is a skill when it comes to photographing concerts. You have to anticipate what move or expression comes next, all while being aware of your surroundings. I like to capture something different about the musicians that I photograph, and make the emotion, or context tell a story…



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