In August I went to Riverfest in Elora, Ontario. Somewhat less Folky then Hillside Festival, but still a great musical time. With three stages, instead of the two when I was there 2 years ago, there was always someone to watch. Better barricades that helped with traffic flow in and round the stages, and a designated areas for people with chairs, and the ones that stand in front of the main stage.
The Wax on Wheels stage was behind the Main stage, and near the food trucks. I saw a pop band named Bossie  there and enjoyed their melodies.

Ruben and the Dark surprised me at The Main stage and I even bought one of their CD’s, as did WINTERSLEEP . I found that I had herd at least one song from these two bands, and now was happy to know the names of who played them.

Hey Rosseta !  at The Main stage, was a band that I didn’t get to see when I was last at Hillside Festival, as there was a huge storm coming in and they had to shut down the Island. Was great to finally see them live !

Jeremy Fisher  was highly entertaining at The Wax on Wheels Stage! This folk singer creates great melodies with wildly entertaining lyrics. Including a song called ‘The Bride is Dead.’ A song he wrote after reading an article in The Globe And Mail newspaper, about a man about to marry his girlfriend, only to have her pass away beforehand, and later decided to marry her anyways…



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