Summer Road Trip 2016: Friends, Music, Sunshine, and Smiles…

Just over a month ago I went out to Quebec to attend a house concert that I was invited to. Hopped in the Honda early on a Thursday morning, and made it to Quebec just after 3pm. My friend and I caught a Calum Graham show that evening. Great new found music, and some new purchased car tunes. Unfortunately, there were no pics aloud at this venue.

Friday saw us prepping, for the arrival of my lovely friend Daniel Champagne.  My Quebec friends and I, moving furniture and rugs, planed on having the show outside underneath a canopy, and have everyone out on the grass. Mother nature interrupted our concert design and our dinner, with a bit of a mad dash to clear the gear from the rain. We repositioned the concert from the yard to the house in time to meet and greet more Quebecers… Tiguidou !
My two friends taught Daniel how to introduce himself, say where he is from, and how to announce a song in French, all with an Australian accent…

That Friday night held very unique energy, one that cannot you cannot describe unless you were there. A house concert is a very special experience….

The next morning, we all had breakfast together, and after, wishing Daniel safe travels on his next stop on the secret house concert tour. Daniel’s first stop was at Stewart Park Festival, in Perth, Ontario.
That afternoon my friends and I headed to Montreal. We spent some time at really great Cafe. You log in when you get there, you start off with a min of $3, and every hour you’re there they charge $2 for a max of $9. There is a room that has coffee, tea, water, juice, ice tea, and a cookies/sweets table… ext.. and all the other rooms have mismatched furniture and decor. A very eclectic space, that’s as unique as it is diverse with visitors. A map hung on the wall, reflecting all the patrons from around the world; with push pins in the places they’ve come from.
After we caught some cirque type performances happening in the streets, for the Just for Laughs Festival.
I am very grateful for my music friends, they seem to understand my love of music, and I hope to have many more music memories…

The next morning I headed home, stopping have way, to stretch my legs and see what Stewart Park Festival was like. There was no shortage of music, and festivity there.

By now you’re probably wondering where the smile part comes in… let’s just say… there a few smiles I’ll never forget…


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