Pre Show Consumables …

Some musicians, have pre show rituals. Weather it’s mantras, vocal warm ups, instrument tuning, or pow wow’s with band mates. Some of these include the food substances consumed before going on stage. I challenged myself with a few props, and some non human models, to get some shots of some of the more common food stuffs that help musicians prepare themselves to go on stage, while hanging out in green rooms around the world.
This is a series of eight photos, containing pre show thirst quenching sparking water, candy colour separations, energy drink recharge, and vocal soothing tea steeps.

I would like to expand on this series, having a coffee, beer/alcohol, ext… and welcome any ideas or recommendations from musicians on what pre show consumable they enjoy before performing…

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  1. Nice piece, Em. Not only do performers have rituals, so does anyone who works with the public. For me, it’s caffeine, a few deep breaths and a bottle of water nearby.

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