Robbie Burns Night with Screeched Inn…

Headed east, but not as far as the coast, on Saturday night. Reunited with my extended BuskerFest Family, in the ‘Shwa'(Oshawa). I was treated and greeted with a big bear hug. Not far from home, and not far from a kitchen party with these Lads. We even had, broken glass, and drum sticks in the kitchen this time! OPA !
Screeched Inn was in fine form, for a Robbie Burns celebration, and with a newly found fiddler, Amber, who rounded out their east coast sound.
No kitchen party is complete without being ‘Screeched In,’ kissing the cod, and taking an oath. There were no casualties that night, despite the broken glassware and one guitar string, we sang and danced to ring in, and cheers to the Scottish poet.
Thanks for the laughter, memories, and the Somersby…


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