Chosen Family Thankful Beginning …

Every year around thanksgiving, a group of chosen family friends and I get together to share food, friendship, love, and family bonds. There’s no other feeling like knowing you belong with a group of people that are on the same page as you, have the same values, and are your kind of wired. One of us makes the turkey and the rest of us bring side dishes, dessert, or some kind of tasty goodness.
There are also annual traditions of sharing what we are leaving behind and what we are taking with us. This can be anything from  leaving behind self doubt, or taking your intuition with you.
Another tradition is witting down a wish(s) for the coming year on a piece of paper, burning them, and burring then in the garden; releasing them to the universe.
The next day we usually go for a hike and take in the lovely fall weather and enjoy more of each other’s company…


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