An Evening of Comfort with two Aussies Dressed in Black…

Last night I was back at Hugh’s Room, for a show with the award wining talented Daniel Champagne. Hugh’s Room is a wonderful venue in west Toronto, not far from High Park. This is an intimate room, the stage tucked in the back corner, and the house tables on a bit of a rake. Daniel played in his traditional guitar braking fashion, and gave his all, underneath the roasting hot stage lights. We had a small brake and noticed another mic stand being added for the second set. Daniel came back and played a couple songs, not before introducing his fellow guitar lesson class mate Kim Churchill. Daniel and Kim grew up just down the road from each other, and had the same guitar teacher. Together they played a version of Daniel’s song ‘Renegades Rule,’ with Kim accompanying Daniel on harp. It was an unexpected surprise to see him stop by for Daniel’s show, and a break from recording his new album.
We all were thankful for spending an evening with two Aussies dressed in black…

Daniel Nov.4, 2015 copy DAN1_WEB Kim_WEB Dan-&-Kim1_WEB


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