Getting Screeched Inn, A Busking Kitchen Party …

Have you ever been screeched in? Have you ever been to an east cost kitchen party? Have you ever seen three grown men, play for pants? Screeched Inn is a return favourite to Toronto’s International BuskersFest, and they brought the homemade east coast kitchen party, to the streets of Toronto. If you are a fan of ‘Great Big Sea,’ then it will be easy for you to sing along with these three high energy lads. I found them last year as I turned the corner, from Queen St. on to Young St. and instantly recognized the lyrics. I stayed to sing, and clap along, not before getting screeched in. A wee shot of “rum,” to initiate the start of the kitchen party.
This year, I managed to catch the lads outside of the Monarch’s Pub, nestled on a stage crafted underneath a leaking water slide.(Seriously, who erects a stage underneath a leaking waterslide?) Lucky there was a roof to their stage, as the odd drip came down from the seals of the waterslide above. The water did not scare them off, and they proudly played for several hours, encouraging us to help them pay they’re parking fees, and for new pants.
Couldn’t miss the traditions of getting screeched in, and the next day, I even caught their main benefit stage performance. So much fun to watch, sing along, and be immersed in the East coast friendliness. These lads are a lot of fun, and even remember my face from last year, but not what they had for breakfast…

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  1. Donna McNamee says:

    Saw this fabulous band for the 1st time on July 1st, 2015, in Kleinburg, Ontario. I have been trying to find where they entertain, totally enjoyed their music!


    1. They entertain all over Ontario.
      To find them on Facebook:


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