Eclectic Gypsy Busking …

The Bearded Gypsy Band will always bring the folk party. Giving all they’ve got, dancing, jumping, and moving all around the space. These Gypsies were another return favourite for me this year, at Toronto International BuskerFest. They are so much fun to listen to. Take some folk, celtic, and some jazz and turn them on there sides, add some socked feet, and voila… you have The Bearded Gypsy Band. As you listen your taken to may different places, and eras, and are left feeling like you’re listening to a movie soundtrack; or on a hillside in a celtic town. They are all in sync with each other while performing, anticipating each movement and the yelling of “HEY.” If you’re looking for some music to dance and have fun, or even relax, this is the good stuff.  They play for the love of music, connecting with the audience, and sometimes… for socks…

_MG_7168_WEB _MG_7175_WEB _MG_7171_WEB _MG_7345_WEB _MG_7198_WEB _MG_7181-2_WEB


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