A BuskersFest Comfort …

About 3 years ago, I got introduced to Toronto’s International BuskerFest, and went down to see what all the hype was about, on the closed streets of Toronto. I walked up and down, and got to the end of the Pitches on Front Street, in the St. Lawrence Market area. (They have moved it to Young St. since)  As one Aussie artist finished his set, another set himself up to play. Daniel Champagne sang a long note, and before my eyes, guitar gymnastics. He made magic happen on the strings, frets, sides, and fronts of his guitar. Daniel covered the entire area and spaces on his guitar, all while using his own unique way of swaying and stomping to keep time. You have to see him play, not just listen. It’s a full body effort, for him as well as his trusty Cole Clark, which he plays until it breaks. Seriously, just watch him play his version of Willie Dioxin’s ‘Spoonful,’ and you will understand the musical relationship, and the need for the gaffer’s tape.
Daniel Champagne is my favourite Toronto BuskerFest sound, with his smooth voice and guitar skills, he captures a very comforting sound.
When I hear it… I know I’m home…

_MG_7426_WEB _MG_7419_WEB _MG_7408_WEB _MG_7405_WEB _MG_7632_WEB _MG_7628_WEB

_MG_7372_WEB _MG_7462_WEB


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  1. Hey Em. Fabulous shots. I think you captured his style perfectly.

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    1. Wicked Thanks Nina !


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