ScotiaBank’s International BuskersFest Toronto 2015…

Toronto’s International BuskersFest is truly my favourite part of my summer !!!
The weird, wonderful, and highly talented artist, gather together and preform up and down Young Street; between Queen St. and Collage St., with Young and Dundas Square being the central point to discover artistry from around the world. All of the performers pay their own way to get to Toronto, and they only make what you toss in their hats, cases, or bags. Scotia bank also raises money for Epilepsy with your donations at the gate, and any of the performers that play at the main benefit stage, will donate part of their earnings to this cause.
For four days, the artist all agree to play a certain number of shows scattered downtown at stages and pitches, to give you a glimpse into their heart and soul. Some are professional street performers, and some are incredibly talented musicians.
Everywhere you turn, your surrounded by sound, beats, fire, colour, music, vendors, and tall stilt walking creatures. It’s an addictive street preforming energy.
You defiantly need more than one day to see most of everything, but BuskersFest posted daily schedules of when and were the performances take place. I had four days to experience this, and I think I managed to get a good balance of sitting to watch and enjoy performances, and getting the photos that I wanted. I didn’t see every performance, mostly because I kept getting drawn in the rythyms and sounds. Anyone who knows me well, knows just how much I love being around live music.
I feel right at home at Toronto’s BuskersFest, and I am very grateful for my time spent with all the artist…

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