Healing Lower Back Edits…

Recently, I had a bit of an accident at my work. Lets just say… don’t hit your elbow on a hard surface. It makes you dizzy and fall over… possibly even pass out for a tiny couple of moments. However, I’m ok for the most part, just can’t lift anything heavy for a few more days, and still sometimes feel like I’m on a boat, or ‘Listing’ as they say aboard cruise ships. The funny or not so funny part is, my elbow does not even hurt at the moment, just a bit sore in the low back area.
That being said, I’ve done a bit more editing of my photos, as I’m resting.
These are actually from the first time using my new 70mm-300mm Canon lens. Went of a walk down to Fenchmen’s Bay and tested out the new toy from Henry’s. Excellent picture quality, and even practiced manual focus on moving objects._MG_6320_WEB _MG_6319_WEB _MG_6304_WEB _MG_6376_WEB _MG_6288_WEB _MG_6293_WEB


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