Some More Mo Kenny, Hillside …

Mo Kenny, was one of the last artist that I watched at Hillside Festival. This time I went to The Lake stage, were I knew what kind of performance I was about to have. I first saw Mo Kenny at The Great Hall, Toronto in 2014. She opened for one of my favourite Australian singer/songwriters Kim Churchill, and I was pleasantly surprised by her talent. At first glance Kenny appears to be another top 40 alternative sound. But although she has the edgy hairstyle and is simply dressed, she has a voice that’s as clear and KD Lang, and it’s soon clear that she knows her way around a guitar. As you listen you understand why Joel Plaskett helped produce her two albums.
Kenny played, and told us stories, while confessing her poor wardrobe choice, of long black sleeve shirt and long black pants, in our 30+ weather in Guelph; and how she’s petrified of hornets. The black flies must have been listening to her yellow and black confession, as they taunted her as she played.
I was happy to be reintroduced to Mo Kenny, and have a new appreciation for her incredible talents.

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