The Sound of Sunshine…

Michael Franti & Spearhead brought the sound of sunshine to Hillside Festival. They were Friday nights headliner, and did not disappoint us at the main stage. Franti and Spearhead infused Hillside with soul, reggae, hip hop, and a little funk to our Friday night. Michael talked of personal stories, real world issues, and how if we just make a change in the world, starting with each one of us, we could make a change. Inspiring us all, he played with his heart, inviting different people, young and old, to dance and share his music up on stage with him. He walked out to two different platforms set up in the audience, and played to the people in the back for more then one song. He understood that everyone deserved a good show, no matter where they where seated or standing.
After the show, Michael didn’t just go off stage and be done with the show. He did something I’ve never seen a musician do. He came down the stairs off the front of the stage and walked through the crowd and shook hands with, and a few selfies, with whomever what within reach, and stayed out there for about 10 minutes. I’ve never seen a musician so grateful for his audience being there, a definite pleasant surprise.
Michael reminds us to be our unique self, to do what you love, and to have no regrets. To love the people around you as fiercely as you can, right now. ‘Everybody should hug somebody, at least one a day,’ is the first line in a song called ‘Once a Day’. There are times when we take so much for granted, and forget to be grateful and love…now, not later.

Thank you for my dose of sunshine, and I trust we will see you again Michael Franti & Spearhead…

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