Happy Hillside 2015…

Imagine a music festival, that combines musicians, camping, local artisans, workshops, recycleing, and healthy organic foods. All compact on a wee island inside a conservation area. This past weekend I attended Hillside Festival, at Guelph Lake Conservation Area. While you’re deciding which musical artist to watch, at four different stages (simultaneously), what workshop to attend, and the daunting task of sorting out what food stuff to taste next, your every sense is aroused with the ‘Happy Hillside’ mantra; of caring for your body, mind, and spirit.
Hillside Festival, is dedicated to providing you with authentic experience over the span of three days. Almost like a sustained town, the island is crawling with 1,000 plus volunteers, that make sure you’re having the best time, a safe place, and exceptionally clean place, to experience your ‘Thrillside’ weekend. There is even a dedicated tent with a whole dishwashing team. All the cups, plates, bowls, and cutlery that you use to eat with, is all cleaned several times a day. There is no paper or styrofoam on the island. You can even bring your own, and use the basins to wash your dishes. The other amazing conservation technique use by Hillside is the elimination of bottled water. You can purchase, or again bring your own, thermos, or cup to get city tap water. As long as you don’t mind a bit of a wait to fill them, you can get clean water and not fill the landfill of plastic bottles.
Hillside is a whimsical place, with bright colours, streamers, stars, giant icons, handmade food and wares, and hand panted signs, everywhere.

_MG_7154_WEB _MG_6593_WEB _MG_6589_WEB
_MG_7084_WEB_MG_6598_WEB _MG_7092_WEB


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