Mama Kin, Whiskey, and The Dakota Tavern …

This evening, I had the privilege to see and hear the Australian Singer Songstress Mama Kin. Fresh from her North American Tour, along side the John Butler Trio, Mama Kin put some soul into The Dakota Tavern stage; and I little whiskey.  She started off with ‘Cherokee Boy’ which seamed to calm her nerves a bit, before realizing that there were a few of us there to see her. Mama Kin sang her heart out, danced , played, swore, and brought us all down to earth, with her lyrics and the stories behind them.
Receiving a hand-me-down of life experiences, melodies and emotions combined, we sat in wonder of this singing soul.

My favourite part about live music, is when you can see that look of gratitude on an artists face. They come from near and sometimes far far away, and never know if they are going to fill space with music watchers. Usually, after the first song they get an idea of who is there by the way the audience reacts. Breathing a breath of relief, that their musical talent and hard work has given them more then just bills payed, and meals made. That moment when the audience and the artist create a bond and leave the energy of the evening behind…

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