Soggy Renaissance …

Recently a friend of mine, and I, went to Oxford Renaissance Festival. It’s held at the Woodstock Fairgrounds and next to the Oxford weekend markets. Arriving in time for the scheduled rain showers, we decided to have lunch first before venturing out in the wet. Fast forward to a consumed lunch, a stop at Canadian Tire for a rain jacket purchase, and then a pretty soggy stroll though the fair grounds. We walked around looking at vender wares, most of who were holding on to there little tents, trying to not blow away. We shot some arrows, and went inside where more venders had escaped the rain.
My cold friend and I decided to skip the rest of the day at the festival, and went into town. The jousting was cancelled, and most of the venders were packing up.
We wandered the main street, still getting misted with the persistent precipitation, went into a music/video store.
I ended up finding a movie that I had been looking for, and purchased it. Ā šŸ™‚ (Stargate) We then decided to do take away Thai, and eat back at the hotel.
That Saturday night we had bellies full of Thai spiced morsels, and then a before bed, a girly, face mask treatment.

Sunday, was slightly less damp then the day before, and we arrived a few minutes before the jousting, and found some shelter from the light rain. This is when I pulled out my camera, as Saturday would have been bad news for getting my camera wet.
I started off taking shots from the stands/seats, and moved in a little closer. I practiced manually adjusting while panning with the movement of the knights. This was one of my first attempts to capture movement with my new camera. I think I did a pretty good job, even though I did not have a zoom lens.
After the Joust, we decided that we had seen it all and headed home.
All in all, we had fun spending time together, and made the best of a very soggy Renaissance…



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