Birthday Wanderings …

Walking around with my camera, is a kind of meditation for me. No matter where I end up, there are always interesting things happening around me. On my Birthday I took a walk around the neighbourhood. Taking the time to notice the street plant life, in  hidden corners, and neighbouring yards. Capturing textures, colour, and shape; at different angels. Amazing what you can find wandering through your own surrounding. Sometimes we miss the small, but amazing life that happens around us. We get up, go to work, and come home. Missing out on the cycles of plant life, taking for granted that it’s all apart of the scenery.
It’s nice to take the time to ‘Smell the roses’ as they say…

_MG_5956_WEB _MG_5996_WEB_MG_5962_WEB _MG_6001_WEB _MG_5991_WEB_MG_5981_WEB_MG_6014_WEB _MG_6018_WEB



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