Trina, Two Flowers, and a Boa…

How do you add some fun with portraits?
Purchasing some small props, or using your own, helped bring out the personality and genuine expressions of my lovely model, Trina.
By adding a couple of flowers and a boa, we had fun creating engaging portraits in my living room. Dollerama is a great resource for inexpensive add-on’s, or props, to use in your photo-shoot. You can also improvise with scarfs, and other small accessories, to create a different mood or aid in a specific facial expression. Also, using a tablecloth, instead of a traditional black or white backdrop, adds some colour and texture to the final look of these photos. The table cloth was hung over my T.V. cabinet, and Trina sat on a low stool so there was enough room above Trina’s head; plus adding space for cropping purposes. The contrast between Trina’s dark hair, striking features, and the red of the tablecloth, adds to the femininity; and some interest, to all corners of the photograph. Using window light and a Westcott Home Lighting Kit from Henry’s, Trina’s features come to life. (

We only used only one of the lights from the kit, to light the shadow side of Trina’s face. This one light had a diffusion panel and proved enough light for Trina’s face, as well as illuminating the tablecloth behind her. By changing my angle and Trina’s position we worked with the space, lighting and props, to achieve and design striking photographs. All of these elements combined, add to the atmosphere of your photo-shoot; put your model in a relaxed, comfortable mood, and are portrayed in the final results.

_MG_4976_WEB _MG_5022_WEB _MG_5048_WEB 5029_WEB


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