Chase The Sky…

Upon having some inspiration from two separate projects, I came up with a little music video for ‘That’s Why I Still Chase The Sky.’ This is my favourite song on ‘The Gypsy Moon Vol. 2’ by an Australian Singer Songwriter named Daniel Champagne.

I was given the task of creating a video to post on YouTube and Viemo. While gathering inspiration from a magazine clipping mini video exercise, and watching the video ‘Focus’ By – Ryan Keen ( I decided I wanted to create something similar, both merged together. I went out to Dollerama and purchased a toy man figurine, two sheets of white foam core, one sheet of black bristol board, and a pair of blue and gray socks. I sewed the socks as clothes on the toy man, to look like Daniel Champagne.
I then placed the two sheets of foam core, on a table to form a mini stage, one flat and one upright. Cutting out some magazine clippings of landscapes and words, Painting different icons and words onto the black bristol board, with symbols from the song ‘ That’s Why I Still Chase The Sky’ by Daniel Champagne. Organizing the ‘mini Dan’ toy man with the magazine cuttings, the painted icons, some overhead light, plus a lap tabletop lamp; I created a video story to go along with the song.
I had fun with this project and hope to create more of this mixed media video style.
Have a look…


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